Текст песни Megadeth - Out on the Tiles*

As I walk down the highway, All I do is sing this song And a train that's passing my way Helps the rhythm move along There is no doubt about the words, They're clear The voice is strong, It's oh-so strong I am just a simple guy, I live from day to day A ray of sunshine melts my frown And blows my blues away There's nothing more that I can say, But on a day like today I pass the time away And walk a quiet mile with you [Chorus x2]: All I need from you, Is all your love All you gotta give to me, Is all your love I'm so glad I'm living, Gonna tell the world that I am I got me a fine woman And she says that I'm her man One thing that I know for sure, Gonna give her all the loving Like nobody, nobody, nobody can Standing in the noonday sun, Trying to flag a ride People go and people come, See my rider right by my side It's a total disgrace That they set the pace, It must be a race And the best thing I can do is run [Chorus]. *Кавер на песню группы Led Zeppelin
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