Текст песни Metallica - Hardwired

In the name of desperation,In the name of wretched pain,In the name of all creation,Gone insane.We're so fucked,Shit outta luck,Hardwired to self-destruct.On the way to paranoia,On the crooked borderline,On the way to great destroyer,Doom design.We're so fucked,Shit outta luck,Hardwired to self-destruct.

Once upon a planet burning,Once upon a flame,Once upon a fear returning,All in vain.Do you feel that hope is fading?Do you comprehend?Do you feel it terminating?In the end.We're so fucked,Shit outta luck,Hardwired to self-destruct,Hardwired to self-destruct.Self-destruct,Self-destruct,Self-destruct.
Слова и текст песни Metallica - Hardwired принадлежит его авторам.

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