Текст песни MGMT - Congratulations

Dead in the waterIt's not a paid vacationThe sons and daughters of city officials Attend demonstrationsIt's hardly a sink or swimWhen all is well if the ticket sellsOut with a wimperIt's not a blaze of gloryYou look down from your temple As people endeavor to make it a storyAnd chisel a marble wordBut all is lost if it's never heardBut I've got someone to make reportsThat tell me how my money's spentTo book my stays and draw my blindsSo I can't see what's really thereAnd all I need's a great big congratulations

I'll keep your dreamsYou pay attention for meAs strange as it seems I'd rather dissolve than have you ignore meThe ground may be moving fastBut I tied my boots to a broken mastThe difference is clearYou throw it in your cauldronRust and veneer, dusk and dawnSteinways and BaldwinsYou start with a simple stock of all the wasteAnd salt to tasteBut damn my luck and damn these friendsThat keep on combing back their smilesI save my grace with half-assed guiltAnd lay down the quilt upon the lawnSpread my arms and soak up congratulations
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