Текст песни MGMT - Your Life Is a Lie

Here's the dealOpen your eyesYour life is a lieDon't say a wordI'll tell you whyYou're living a lieYour life is a lieBut you deny, you ever liedWondering whyBury your lifeCount your friendsOn your handsNow look againThey're not your friendsHold your breathEveryone leftNo surpriseLiving a lieTell your wifeThis is your lifeYour life is a lieThis is your wifeNow she knows, She understandsHer life is a lie

Nobody winsTry not to cryYou'll surviveOn your ownLessons in lifeYour life is a lieNow there's no timeWondering whyWhere in the worldIs that girl?He knows it's alrightTo live a lifeWaiting to dieNot knowing thatYour life is a lieWondering whyNobody writesHorrible stylePeriods in lightFire and iceYour life is a lie [x4]On your ownOne more timeYour life is a lie
Слова и текст песни MGMT - Your Life Is a Lie принадлежит его авторам.

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