Текст песни MiatriSs - Winter Story

Who in the world needs celebrations The stupidest holiday in the year You hadn't even seen it before So what? I don't care Just leave me alone. Why are you so mad, my dear, Smile for me just one more time Well I want you to disappear While I hadn't do some kind of crime Hush. Don't be cry-cry. Look at the sky. Open your eyes, don't be shy! Do you see the snowflakes are flying in the height? Isn't it the best thing in the world? I afraid I've caught a cold Anyway I feel bored You could never be able to explain me

The Value of New Year celebration I dont need your explanations Leave me alone Well maybe the reason of your coldness Is hiding behind synthetic boldness All you need is to find your feelings and Make your world a little brighter. Is not that right, huh? It's not my fault that I'm a monster It's the day when all your [bad word] [bad word] #33; This statement has no scientific evidence. Just try, I believe in you! I wish I'll never be a sensless creature My dream's to feel hurt and cheer And one day I'll understand what it is - to feel My all mind is clear Thank you, my dear And I wish you a Happy New Year

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