Текст песни Migos - Gangsta Rap

[Intro:] We're not against rap, We're not against rappers But we are against those Migos. [Quavo:] Gangsta rap is back. [×5] Fuck the media, They hatin on a young gangsta, We put the bando in the Wikipedia, Still these niggas ain't thankful. [Takeoff:] Migo Gang, we the most dangerous, Narcotics made a nigga famous, If you bangin, twist your fingers, Throw a party for the gangstas. [Quavo:] We the biggest gangstas at the top of the list, Gave my brothers no bond and said they a flight risk, They recordin, reportin, Fox 5 on my dick, I just gave them information bout my new bitch. [Takeoff:] They askin me questions, No information no participatin, ain't no conversation, They hatin I made it, speculatin, Takin bout how many drugs in that vacant. [Quavo:] Gangsta rap comin back Like a nigga got 80's crack with an 8 track. Come in your house, where the safe at? Homie, don't play that! [Takeoff:] Young niggas, we bringin back gangsta rap, I put that dope right up where your bitch anal at, My brothers keep a girlfriend in my cul-de-sac, When the white people see me have a heart attack, ‘cause of that. [Quavo:] Gangsta rap is back. [×5]
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