Текст песни Mike Will Made It - Bars of Soap

[Intro: Swae Lee] Ayy, ayy, ayy (Ransom) Ayy, ayy, ayy Ayy, ayy, ayy (Ransom) Ayy, ayy, ayy Ayy, ayy, ayy (Ransom) Ayy, ayy, ayy I'm a running man Sandals slippin' off my feet, on the sand Countin' up the bills with my dominant hand, yo yo Took twos on, take this appreciate it This too? Why tear up the rim shop? Haha Mike WiLL Made-It [Verse: Swae Lee] I'm goin' postal, loco, coast to coast like La Nostra My G.I. Joe present, I've yet to see a cobra So off my rocker got me sippin' club soda Some bombs never go off, some stars never blow up I'm pitchin' and never in a dug out Reachin' in my pants and I can't take a head count Flash back '03, things was lookin' run down Now I set foot in the place, it's a luau Killin' shit like ten counts, y'all know how we get down House with the fence around, y'all know that we in route Transition from the Impala to the Fisker I should charge admission for that girl to get the dessert Left the doors up, now the Lambo' has pigtails Since you gettin' comfy, I'ma let you sit there I'ma let you stay there, when I shed a tear They didn't have no care, so I'ma charge retail I brought some kush 'cause you say you want set sail If you love sick in the room, you best get well Every dog has its day, what the hell? No tuck tail Swae Lee went to magazine, double X-L Floss with your Gucci on, bloods dipped in goo Colors burst on the cars and the jewels I'm a wanted man Seats lookin' like they got a spray tan When I was without, not a helpin' hand I got some women that throw it back and make me drop the cans I told Ben Frank' just to drop a pin I collect my fit goal to the highest bid

Yes, I might drop in, it all depends Junior high, I was dreamin' of a Mach 10 I'm comin' clean though, I mean not a speck My girl be servin' looks, I could kiss the chef Katana sword poppin' out my, walkin' cane I'm overseas, my Cali bae like, "How was Spain?" We gettin' to the money and you niggas havin' issues I bought a fuckin' piece and it came with a wet suit The Buddha left me without breath, I really am a mess I'm moochin' off my mother-lovin' self She be hopin' that I take a knee like Kaepernick, yes I be open to that "SremmLife" shit (SremmLife!) This is how we live, this is how we exist Hoes love the kicks and we love the hits All in the house and I'm home-wreckin' If I sleep with his wife, I'm a home-wrecker I'm in my own world, throw the money up and make my own weather Mami playin' with my balls like tether, on my leather Money talk, it's a lecture 80 pointers dance on me, it's electric Niggas gon' hate, I'm still unaffected Chip on my shoulder, I move undetected She said pop the question, the question got deflected Man them men my boy, that's my motherfuckin' brethren Let's cut to the chase It's only on the house when we in the place My Houston lava boys got it up in some flames Stirrin' up the cup with my wrist, souffle Shaka Zulu chains with my name engraved I told you all in "Swang", don't say my name in vain We bring it to your door like (*doorbell*) "You rang?!" Spendin' all the money then we watch it boomerang With the fendi belt, angry face like Pootie Tang Put some gold on my fingers, neck and shoestrings "Long time, no see," that's what they say when they see me mane I been goin' crazy, just to stay sane Hey, your girl went missin', who's to blame? Young whipper snapper with the Range Pause, then I went deranged Call that hottie on my station Long week, but a great day Someone got my blowin' tree like Sage On me you should get erased On me, yeah, you can hate
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