Текст песни Miley Cyrus - Tangerine

Sun God's crest upon his azure shield Shows you, what you know ain’t what you feel Shooting beam, blinding me The sun is a giant spaceship tangerine It shoots out rays of hopeful golden morphine Tangerine Shooting beam Tangerine Shooting beam As I stand before this holy sphere It’s singing me a song, I don’t want to hear Want to hear [Big Sean:] All I see is warm champagne Confetti on the floor from last night still laying The same playlist on my phone still playing As my eyes strain, jealous of the sun, wishing I could do the same Man, but how I’m supposed rise though?

When shit just hold me down How I'm supposed to shine man, Through all the smoke and clouds? I’m on a trip, no luggage, no ticket I’m looking in the mirror and I’m the only thing missing I been tryna find myself, I feel so long distance Made a promise to myself, I wouldn't just be a statistic No, no, I’m the one of the one on one’s Twenty some but my soul a hundred some My mind’s racing, it’s racing And honestly I can’t remember what it’s running from I just hope that I come in one Seems like everyone I know is getting married Everyone else getting buried Life should come with a sign saying “Results may vary” Straight up I take my place along the memory The sun’s so high, it’s rising in the heat Try to fight the sunrise but it comes for you Love is brighter than the fiery violent truth
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