Текст песни Moana - More*

[MOANA]I count the steps from one end of my island to the otherIt's a hundred steps from where I sleep to the seaAnd when I say I've learned all there is to knowWell there's another little island lessonGramma Tala shows meI know where I am from the scent of the breezeThe ascent of the climbFrom the tangle of the treesFrom the angle of the mountainTo the sand on our island shoreI've been here beforeThere's gotta be moreI know there's more, there's always moreSomeday I'll be out on the seaAnd I'm gonna see moreYes, there's gotta be moreI know there's more, there's always—[VILLAGERS]Moana, slow down[MOANA]Sorry! I'm always in somebody's wayThey do the same thing every dayThey work, they eat, they sleep, they prayThey tell me[MOANA and VILLAGERS]"Moana calm down"[MOANA]That's all they ever seem to sayThe other kids just dance and playHow can you play?There's so much out there to explore[CHIEF TUI]She stares at the sky, she stumbles down the beachesShe mumbles all the names that her Gramma Tala teachesWith one foot here and another in the distant past[SINA]She's growing up too fast [MOANA]And I wanna soar So much to exploreLike I said before

There's gotta be moreI know there's more, there's always moreOne day I'll be brave and sail on the waveThat leads me to moreThere's gotta be moreI know there's more, there's always moreMy father the Chief, says "Don't cross the reef"But oh every turn I take, every trail I trackEvery path I make, every road leads back to the seaI'm standing at the edge of the seaAs they all say[MOANA and SINA]"Moana slow downMoana dream smallMoana don't drown"[MOANA]Can you drown at the call of the sea?'Cause I can hear it calling meA thousand years ago, we used to sail to distant islandsA thousand years ago, Maui spoke to the seaSo maybe, just maybe, I was born to break the silenceI know my story could be extraordinaryI know my story doesn't end at the shoreThere's gotta be moreI know there's more, there's always moreI'm gonna break through, and find something newI'm gonna find moreThere's gotta be moreI know there's more, there's always moreOne day I'll decide to roll with the tideAnd I'm gonna see[VILLAGERS]Moana stand tall[MOANA]I will cross the divide, I will rideI will see what's on the other side[VILLAGERS]Moana stand proud[MOANA]With the ocean as my guide, on the tideI will go where no one's ever been beforeThere's always more*Outtake - песня, написанная к ранней версии сценария и не вошедшая в мультфильм.
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