Текст песни Moby - Whispering Wind

Like the whispering windYou sent to meLike the hopeless timeYou gave to meI watched your dreamsAll slip awayI watched your dreamsAll slip awayThere's a hopeless placeInside my heartWhen I look insideI see where we areLike the whispering windIn the top of my treesI will watch the skyCome following meLike the rain on my windowsLate every nightLike the hope I have for usEvery timeIt's like the whispering windIn my top of the treesI see it swayAs you come for meThere's a whispering wind

I feel it insideLike a place I can feelBut never will seeLet a whisper come touch youCome touch everythingI stand in the wayOf the things I can beLet the whispering windCome lift us awayLet it push us apartIf we wish to stayYou're my sweetness, my babyMy love for all timeLike the whispering windIt makes you all mineLike the whispering windYou stand here with meLike the whispering windYou stand here with meI see your dreamsAll slip awaySlip awaySlip awaySlip awaySss aaad
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