Текст песни Morrissey - Late Night, Maudlin Street

Winter coming Winter push on (push on) Oh, winter push on Winter is so long Winter moves onThe last night on Maudlin StreetGoodbye house, goodbye stairsI was born hereAnd I was raised here, and...I took some stick hereLove at first sightIt may sound triteBut it's true, you knowI could list the detailOf everything you ever wore or saidOr how you stood the dayAs we spent the last nightOn Maudlin Street"Goodbye house, forever!"I never stole a happy hourAround hereWhere the world's ugliest boyBecame what you seeHere I am - the ugliest manOh, the last night on Maudlin StreetTruly I do love youOh, truly I do love youWhen I sleepWith that picture of you framed beside my bedOh, it's childish and it's sillyBut I think it's you in my room, by the bed(...yes, I told you it was silly...)And I knowI took strange pillsBut I never meant to hurt youOh, truly I love youCame home late one nightEveryone had gone to bedBut, you knowNo-one stays up for youI had sixteen stitches

All around my headOh, the last bus I missed to Maudlin StreetSo he drove me home in the VanComplaining, "Women only like me for my mind..."Don't leave your torch behindA powercut ahead; 1972, you knowAnd so we crept through the parkNo, I cannot steal a pair of jeans off a clothesline for youBut you...without clothesOh, I could not keep a straight faceMe - without clothes?Well, a nation turns its back and gags...I'm packedI am moving houseA half-life disappears todayWith "every hand waves me on"(secretly wishing me gone)Well, I will be soonOoh, I will be soonI will be soon, I will be soonWill be soon, I will be soonMmm... I will be soon, I will be soonThere were bad times on Maudlin StreetThey took you away in a police carInspector - don't you know?Don't you care?Don't you know - about love?Your gran diedAnd your mother diedOn Maudlin StreetIn pain, and ashamedWith never time to sayThose special things...ohI took the key from Maudlin StreetWell, it's only bricks and mortar!Oh, oh, truly I love youOh, wherever you areWherever you areWherever you areI hope you're singing nowOh, I do hope I hope you're singing now
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