Текст песни Muazana Ana Golja - Replay

I wish I could turn back time I knew I'd be right back here That's the punchline I did what I had to do Now I face regrets 'cause I can't get over you Every day, dreaming away, reliving every single mistake Trying to make up for lost time but all I find is myself in the waiting line You say it's too late Wish the table turn back my way I say you stay I'm over all the games that we played Bet you never knew I'd come around Got up neither here nor turned down You say it's too late I'm hoping you can hit that replay I should've got this right instead I'm here holding onto this past life I should've did more with you Now I'm guilty trying to get your heart for a half price Every night awake with the cries, sleepless, I need you here holding me tight I don't know how to make this right I might have to sit this out 'till the next life Boy you know it's never late Said you got to hit replay Don't let these moments go to waste You're making all of my mistakes Say that you're a gentleman I'm not trying to be your friend I don't want no settlement, but right here we could settle this
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