Текст песни Mudcrutch - The wrong thing to do

Well, my daddy took me campin'Out under the starsLeft me by the fireWhile he hit the barsAnd I broke my fingerOn a trailer hitchMamma called daddyThat son of a bitch, alrightWell a hundred miles to goYou draggin' your assIn a Japanese carThat ain't gonna lastAnd you forever drivin'On the wrong side of the roadWearing dungareesThat your mother stoleWell my mamma loves meBut my daddy don'tI'm tryin' to work it all outBut I probably won't

I got a woman waitingAt the top of the stairsIt's the wrong thing to doBut I don't careWell she was blond and tallShe was 23Brought into the worldTo get the best of meAnd she never paid backHalf what she stoleShe wanted my moneySo I gave her my soulWell I was flying half mastOn the 4th of JulyIn a bar in Lake CityWith a western tieAnd I was thinkin' hardAbout changin' my nameAnd headed for MiamiWhen the daylight came
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