Текст песни Murs - The Pain

[Refrain:]The rain, rain, on my face...In the rain, rain, to hide my pain, on my...Hey, I like to go out in the rain, rain...On my face, in the rain, rain, to hide my pain, on my...Hey, I like to go out in the...[Verse 1:]See, I'm a single black male, dark hair, dark eyes,Long walks through a park and a lot of them lies.I'm a little bit jaded by a lot of what I see,So if you're still interested, you should come get at me‘Cause I'm tired of gettin' shot down, put down and dissed.I wanna be picked up, held tight and kissed,But things like these don't happen to dudes like me,Because I'm more Coldplay than I am Ice-T,They say that good girls love bad guys, and that might be,But a bad girl with a good guy, that's unlikely.So what's a man to do to get to hold hands with you?Do I talk shit and stand and look hard with my crew?I don't know what to do, so I drown in my drink,It helps to numb the pain, ‘cause when I sit and think about it,Eyes get clouded, thoughts get crowded,So I'ma sit right here, wait for you to talk about itIn the... C'mon![Verse 2:]Said she had a boyfriend, just tryna be nice,But I've heard the same lines from different women all night.Too easy let down, but don't let it get you down,Shit, that's what my boys told me, but end of the night,I was still sittin' lonely; if only I could find 'emWithout all the drama, without the one-liners –Excuse me, miss, hey, ma'am, you got a man? What's ya name?

I'm in my mid-twenties, so enough with the games,Simply put, I think you're stunnin', and what about some kids?A couple dogs, a couple cars, a four bedroom crib?Look, I'm not tryna jib, I'm just speakin' from the heart,But we can start with a drink if you wanna play it smart.She lookin' at my boy who got two kids at home, andI know how it goes, here's his number telephone, andHe does the girl's turf, and I know you're smellin' on him,But every bitch needs a dog, so I guess that's why you want him.[Verse 3:]I try to be subtle, but even flirtin' got me shooked,I would never get a smile, all I got was dirty looks.And my self-esteem is low enough, I got teased growing up,And what I do, I beat 'em up, but that only made me tough,It didn't get me girls, or notes in class.Same girls who used to tell, when I would pinch their ass,But if another boy did it, then they would get gritty,So I pretended the handball was their face when I hit it.And I admit it's part the reason why I'm do ‘em like I do,And women in my life, there has only been two,My mother bein' one, and the other one is done.So my philosophy on dating is ain't no fun,‘Cause they come and they go, and even if they don't cum,They still have to go, girl, I give the best head,But you just wouldn't know, ‘cause you stuck up in some diddy,But even if you dissed me, I ain't mad.Go on, do that yo with yo pretty ass,You looked better comin'.No, wait, you looked better goin' than you did comin'.Her ass is amazing!High five for Jesus,Keep making 'em like that!Just make 'em with half a brain so maybe they'll talk to me.
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