Текст песни Naked And Famous, The - Grow Old

This wasn't supposed to be externalBut it seems I've made a mess,This wasn't meant to be special,Now it's nagging me confess.Don't talk to me.I could improvise solutions,I could try to reframe,Until I'm left with your admissionThat I'm not all there is to blame.I could lie to be gentle,We will never be the same,The more adamant I am that it's the surface,The more the walls begin to flake.Don't talk to me,

Don't talk to me,Keeping countAs if the hurt could balance.Don't walk with me,Your dirty feet are obvious,And how could you brag confidence,A willing keen participantIn rolling waves of incidents,You've made your bed, now sleep in it, you prince.They would've flared out like summer,Just some pictures I could keep,Your memory's inventive,I won't ever fall asleep.And now I'm sorry for explainingHow you fucked it up again,Now I'm watching you backpedal,I wasn't supposed to feel ashamed.
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