Текст песни Nanda - Notice Me, Senpai

- Hey senpai, it's me! Do you remember the first time we met? What, you don't? Aw men, you sure? Aw, dang it! Well anyway, I sure do! It was a warm, sunny day And I was sitting outside Just minding my own business Then, all of a sudden I saw you walking by I yelled your name but you wouldn't even notice me "senpai, senpai" Hey come on now senpai, Notice me! Notice me, senpai! Notice me, senpai! What's your problem? Notice me, senpai! You know I'm awesome! Notice me, senpai! I sure ain't hatin Notice me, senpai! But man I'm waitin! Notice me, senpai! I tried to call you Notice me, senpai! Tried to send a text Notice me, senpai! You never answered Notice me, senpai! So now I send the next one! Wanna play (wanna play) Run away (run away) Every day you seem to run away from me When will you? (when will you?) Ever do? (ever do?) When will you ever start to notice me? Notice me, senpai! Say, can you hear me? Notice me, senpai! I'm always by your side Notice me, senpai! You shouldn't fear me Notice me, senpai! But don't you try to hide - Un hello, senpai? - Un, hi. - Hi, It's me! Listen, a wrote a song... Maybe you'd like to hear it? - Maybe later... Who is this by the way? - But senpai. It's me, your kouhai! - Which one? - Senpai! HEY! (hey!) HO! (ho!) Can I hear you say Senpai? (Senpai!) Come on, louder everyone! (Senpai!) Notice me... (SENPAI!!) Notice me! (SENPAI!!) Notice ME! (SENPAI!!) NOTICE ME! (SENPAI!!) Senpai! .... Senpai! Notice m-me-me! Notice me, senpai! Oh I'm no stranger Notice me, senpai! I am the danger Notice me, senpai! I'd jump in front of you Notice me, senpai! I have your name tattooed Notice me, senpai! Teach me how to be like you! Notice me, senpai! You're me BFF and I'm yours too Notice me, senpai! Wait, you blocked me on facebook? Notice me, senpai! That's It, I'm done with you! I baked you a cake I cooked your dinner I even fucking sent you candy! I wrote you a really fucking kawaii letter With chocolate and everything! And this is how you repay me? Not answering any my fucking tweets? Well fuck you, you fucking piece of shit I fucking hate your guts! I'll fucking back your facebook! I'll make everyone unfollow you! EVERYONE go dislike this video right now! They're mocking everyone even their fans And I have no respect left for them They're just trying to be quirky towards the haters Such try-hard! Much cringe! And obviously this speech was just an excuse To act fucking retarded PEACE!
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