Текст песни Natasha, Pierre And The Great Comet Of 1812 - Find Anatole

[PIERRE]Anatole, find AnatoleAnatole, find AnatoleThe blood rushes to my heartIt's difficult to breatheAnatole, find AnatoleAnatole, find AnatoleNot at the ice hillsNot at Matreshka'sNot at Komoneno'sAnatole, find AnatoleAnatole, find AnatoleTo the ClubAnd at the Club all is going on as usualThe members eat their dinnersAnd gossip in small groups[PIERRE & Chorus]Have I heard of Kuragin's abduction?Is it true Natasha is ruined?[PIERRE]Nonsense, nonsenseNothing has happenedEverything is fine(Pierre's house.)[ANATOLE]NatashaNatashaIt is essential that I see NatashaHow can I see her?[HÉLÈNE]

Anatole, come AnatoleAnatole, hush Anatole(Marya D.'s house.)[NATASHA]What? What?I don't believe that he is marriedI don't believe youAnd I stare like a hunted wounded animalHe can't be married!(Pierre's house.)[SERVANT (to Pierre)]Good evening sirPrince Anatole is in the drawing room with the Countess[HÉLÈNE]Ah, PierreSweet husbandYou don't know what a plight our Anatole has had[PIERRE]Be quietI will not greet youAt this moment you are more repulsive to me than everAnatole, come AnatoleAnatole, must speak to you[ANATOLE]Anatole followed with his usual jaunty stepBut his face betrayed anxiety[PIERRE]Pierre closed the door and addressed Anatole without looking at him

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