Текст песни Natasha, Pierre And The Great Comet Of 1812 - In My House

[MARYA D.]You shameless good-for-nothingYou vile, shameless girlIn my houseIn my houseA nice girl! Very nice!You dirty nasty wench of a thingNow don't you say one wordIn my houseIn my houseHorrid girl, hussy!It's lucky for him he escaped, but I'll find himNow you listen to me when I speak to you!Now you listen to me when I speak to you!In my house!In my house!Do you hear what I am saying or not?[SONYA]Natasha's whole body shookWith noiseless, convulsive sobsMarya touched her hand to her face[NATASHA]Don't touch me!Let me be! What is it to me? I shall die![MARYA D.]What are we to tell your father? Eh?In my house!In my house!What are we to tell Prince Andrey? Eh?Oh what do we tell your betrothed?[NATASHA]I have no betrothed, I have refused him![SONYA]Natasha, come here, kiss mePress your wet face to mine[NATASHA]Don't touch me!

[MARYA D.]Why didn't he come to the house?Why didn't he openly ask for your hand?You were not kept under lock and key!Carrying you off like some Gypsy girl!And if he had carried you off, don't you think your father would have found him?Your father, I know himHe will challenge him to a duel and what then?Will that be all right? Eh?He's a scoundrel, he's a wretch! That's a fact![NATASHA]He is better than any of you I sayHe is better than any of you I sayWhy did you interfere! Oh God, what is it all?!What is it?!Who are you to tell me anything?!Sonya, why?!Go away!Everyone, go away!Marya Dmitryevna tried to speak again but Natasha cried outGo away! Go away! You all hate and despise me!And she threw herself down on the sofa[MARYA D.]Natasha!Natalya...I put a pillow under her headCovered her with two quiltsBrought her a glass of lime-flower waterBut Natasha did not respondWell, let her sleepLet her sleep(Marya D. leaves)[NATASHA]But Natasha was not asleepHer face was paleHer eyes wide openAll that night she did not sleep or weepShe sat at the windowWaiting for him

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