Текст песни Natasha, Pierre And The Great Comet Of 1812 - Natasha & Anatole

[ANATOLE]I have long wished to have this happinessEver since the Naryshkins' ballWhere I had the well-remembered pleasure of seeing youHow do you like the performance?Last week Semenova fell down on the stage[NATASHA]He is sensible and simpleBold and naturalSo strange and agreeableThere is nothing formidableHis smile is most naiveCheerful and good-naturedAnd he's as handsome up close as at a distanceAnd he's as handsome up close as at a distance[ANATOLE]And do you know, NatashaWe are having a costume tournament soonYou ought to come, please come![NATASHA]Oh—[ANATOLE]You ought to come, please come![NATASHA]Oh, I—[ANATOLE]And I never remove my smiling eyesFrom your face, your neck, your bare armsAnd I never remove my smiling eyesFrom your face, your neck, your bare arms[NATASHA]I know for certain that he is taken by meI know for certain that he is enraptured by meI feel him looking at my shouldersMy face, my neck, my bare arms[ANATOLE]And I look you in the eye

[NATASHA & ANATOLE]And I look you in the eye[NATASHA]And looking into his eyesI am frightenedThere's not that barrier of modestyI've always felt with menI feel so terribly nearI fear that he may seize me from behindAnd kiss me on the neckHow do you like Moscow?[ANATOLE]At first I did not like it muchBecause what makes a town pleasantCe sont les jolies femmesIsn't that so?But now I like it very much indeedDo come to the costume tournament CountessDo come!You will be the prettiest thereYou will be the prettiest thereDo come, dear Countess, and give me this flower as a pledgeWe are speaking of most ordinary things[NATASHA]Yet I feel closer to you than I've ever felt with any other manNo one else is hereNo one else can see usYour eyesYour eyesYour eyesOh your eyes[ANATOLE]It's all right, Natasha, I'm here[ANATOLE & NATASHA]So nearNothing between usSmile at meThere is nothing between us

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