Текст песни Natasha, Pierre And The Great Comet Of 1812 - Natasha & Bolkonskys

[SERVANT]May I present the CountessNatalya Rostova[MARY]OhOh, helloWon't you come in?[NATASHA]Hello(Natasha and Mary awkwardly move to a table in silence.)[MARY]And from the first glance I do not like NatashaToo fashionably dressedFrivolous and vainHer beauty, youth, and happinessMy brother's love for herAnd my father—[BOLKONSKY]I do not wish to see her![MARY]I know at any moment he might indulge in some freak[NATASHA]I'm sorry the Prince is still ailing[BOLKONSKY]Songstress![NATASHA]I am not afraid of anyoneBut such hesitationSuch unnatural mannersAnd from the first glance I do not like Princess MaryToo plain and affectedInsolent and dryI shrink into myselfAssume an offhand air[MARY]Which alienates me still more[NATASHA & MARY]

Constrained and strainedConstrained and strainedConstrained and strainedIrksomeIrksome(The Prince enters in his underthings.)[BOLKONSKY]Oh![MARY]Papa![BOLKONSKY]Oh, so this is NatashaNot much to look atSays the mean old man in his underthingsI never dress for children or peasantsSays the mean old man in his underthings[MARY]And he looked at her onceHead to toeAnd left muttering[NATASHA]I must take my leave[MARY]Please wait—Dear NatalieI want you to know how glad I am my brother has found happiness[NATASHA]Is that the truth?I think it is not convenient to speak of that nowDear Princess[MARY]She saidWith such dignity and coldness[NATASHA]What have I said, what have I done?Crying like a childOh, they were so awful!Oh, it all hurts so terriblyAndreyWhere are you?
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