Текст песни Natasha, Pierre And The Great Comet Of 1812 - Natasha Lost

[NATASHA]I smile, I shakeAnd the opera continuesAnd I'm quite submissive to the world I am inMy previous life is slipping away from meMy distant past is gone, is goneAnd the rest of the nightI can't take my eyes from himHis glittering eyesAnd his tender smileAnd as I am leavingFlushed and nervousHe touches my armAnd I turn aroundAnd he's looking at meWith his glittering eyesAnd his tender smileO God! I am lost!How could I let him?Everything is dark, obscure, and terribleI don't understand thisOh God, I am lost!

Back in the theater, full of lightsWhere tenors jumped about in tinsel jacketsYoung girls and old men cried “Bravo!” in raptureThere it all seemed simpleBut now, alone,I am torturedMy conscience gnaws away at my heartAm I spoiled for Andrey's love or not?Oh, I can soothe myself with irony:Nothing! It was nothingI didn't lead him on at allNo one will ever knowI'll never see him againNothing has happenedAnd Andrey can love me stillOh, God, why isn't he here?And yet it was like there was nothing between usNo veil, no modestyJust his face and strong handsHis glittering eyesAnd his tender smileThat bold handsome man who pressed my arm
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