Текст песни Natasha, Pierre And The Great Comet Of 1812 - Pierre & Anatole

(During this scene, Natasha prepares to poison herself.) [PIERRE] You promised Countess Rostova to marry her and were about to elope, is that so? [ANATOLE] Mon cher I don't consider myself bound to answer questions put to me in that tone [PIERRE] My face, already pale Becomes distorted by fury I seize you by the collar with my big big hands And I shake you from side to side Until your face shows a sufficient degree of terror When I tell you I must talk to you! [ANATOLE] Come now, this is stupid! What what, don't don't! [PIERRE] You're a scoundrel and a blackguard And I don't know what deprives me of the pleasure Of smashing your head in with this! (He takes a heavy paperweight and lifts it threateningly, but at once puts it back in its place.) Did you promise to marry her? [ANATOLE] I didn't think of it. I never promised, because— [PIERRE] Have you any letters of hers? Any letters? I shan't be violent, don't be afraid (Anatole hands Pierre a pack of letters.) First, the letters Second, tomorrow you must get out of Moscow [ANATOLE] But how can I? [PIERRE] Third You must never breathe a word of what has happened between you and the Countess Now I know I can't prevent your doing so But if you have a spark of conscience— Pierre paces the room several times in silence [ANATOLE] Anatole sits at a table frowning and biting his lips [PIERRE] After all, you must understand That besides your pleasure There is such a thing as other people And their happiness and peace And that you are ruining a whole life For the sake of amusing yourself! Amuse yourself with women like my wife With them you're within your rights But to promise a young girl to marry her To deceive, to kidnap Don't you understand that that's as cruel As beating an old man or a child? [ANATOLE] Well, I don't know about that, eh? I don't know that and I don't want to But you have used such words to me “Scoundrel” and so on Which as a man of honor I will not allow anyone to use [PIERRE] Is it satisfaction you want? [ANATOLE] You could at least take back your words, eh? If you want me to do as you wish? (Natasha drinks the poison.) [PIERRE] Fine, I take them back, I take them back! And I ask you to forgive me And if you require money for your journey— [ANATOLE] Anatole smiled The reflection of that base and cringing smile Which Pierre knew so well in his wife Revolted him [PIERRE] Oh, vile and heartless brood! [ANATOLE] Next day Anatole left For Petersburg!
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