Текст песни Natasha, Pierre And The Great Comet Of 1812 - Preparations

(Pierre runs into Anatole on the street. Pierre is drunk, Anatole in a hurry.) [PIERRE] Ah, Anatole! Where are you off too? [ANATOLE] Pierre, good man Tonight I go away, on an adventure You'll not be seeing me for some time I've found a new pleasure And I'm taking her away I'll send you a letter from Poland [PIERRE] Ha! An elopement! Fool, you are married already! [ANATOLE] Don't talk to me of that! I will not deprive myself of this one! Tonight! I take her tonight! Lend me fifty rubles? [PIERRE] Ah, that's a true sage Living in the moment What I wouldn't give to be like him! [DOLOKHOV] The plan for Natalie Rostova's abduction Had all been arranged and the preparations made On the day that Sonya decided to save her That was the day that the game was to be played Natasha was to be on her back porch at ten Anatole and his troika would scoop her up and then They'd ride forty miles to the village of Kamenka Where an unfrocked priest was to make 'em get wed Then back into the troika off they'd go Take the Poland highroad to the wedding bed [ANATOLE] Passports, horses, ten thousand rubles I have taken from my sister And another ten thousand raised with Dolokhov's help [DOLOKHOV] We were gathered in my study drinking up some tea Just Anatole, the two wedding witnesses, and me An abacus and paper money strewn on the desk Persian rugs and bearskins hanging grotesque Anatole was walking with his uniform unbuttoned Walking to and fro To and fro To and fro [ANATOLE & DOLOKHOV] To and fro To and fro To and fro To and fro [DOLOKHOV] Now wait! You better just Give it up now Why dontcha while there's still time! You'd really better drop it all Give it up now! While there's still time! Do you know? [ANATOLE] What, teasing again? Fool don't talk nonsense! Go to the devil! Eh? Really this is no time for your stupid jokes [DOLOKHOV] I am not joking, I am talking sense This is serious business, a dangerous business Come here, come here, come here Anatole! Why would I joke about it? Me of all people Who found the priest, raised the money, got the passports, got the horses? [ANATOLE] And well I thank you for it Do you think I am not grateful? [DOLOKHOV] And now you'll carry her away but will they let it stop there? You haven't thought this through or do you just don't care? Now listen to me tell it to you one last time They will take you to the court and convict you for your crime Already married and you're playing with a little girl Don't you know, don't you think, don't you know? [ANATOLE] Nonsense, nonsense! I'm scowling and grimacing Didn't I explain it to you, didn't I, what? [DOLOKHOV] And here Anatole With the stubborn attachment small-minded people have For conclusions they've worked out for themselves Repeated his argument to me for the hundredth time [ANATOLE] If this marriage isn't valid Then I'm off the hook But if it is valid, it really doesn't matter! No one abroad is gonna know a thing about it Isn't that so now don't you know? Don't talk to me, don't don't what what Ah go to hell now I'm clutching my hair! It's the very devil! Here, feel how it beats! (He presses Dolokhov's hand to his heart. A light comes up on Natasha across the room.) Ah ma chere, ma chere Quel pied, quel regard! What a foot she has, what a glance! A goddess! And my handsome lips Mutter something tender to myself It's time! It's time! Now then! Nearly ready? You're dawdling! The driver is here The driver is here Balaga is here!
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