Текст песни Natasha, Pierre And The Great Comet Of 1812 - Sunday Morning

[SONYA]Early Sunday morningNatasha and I lit a candleLooked in the mirror[NATASHA]I see my face[SONYA]Don't be sillyThey say you can see your futureIn the long row of candlesStretching back and back and backInto the depths of the mirrorIn the dim confused last squareYou'll see a coffin or a manEveryone sees a man[NATASHA]I see the candlesStretching backSo far awayI see the mirrorsI see a shape in the darknessIs it him or is it—He's lying downOh Sonya why is he lying down?I'm so frightened!Andrey will never come

Or something will happen to me before he does[MARYA D.]Sunday morning!Time for church![NATASHA]I suffer more now than beforeThe theater and AnatoleThat man who aroused such terrible feelingsI don't understandHave I broken faith with Andrey?Am I guilty?[SONYA]After church, Marya left for Prince Bolkonsky's[MARYA D.]The rudeness of that man!I'll straighten him out![NATASHA]That terrible old PrinceI can't bear to think of itI'll shut myself in my roomAnd try on new dresses[SONYA]And just after Marya leftThere was a knock at the doorNatasha had just turned her head to the glassWhen she heard a voice that made her flush
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