Текст песни Natasha, Pierre And The Great Comet Of 1812 - The Ball

[ANATOLE]Waiting at the doorWaiting at the door, waitingWaiting at the doorWaiting at the door, waitingOh, how I adore little girlsThey lose their heads at once!(The ball begins; they dance.)[NATASHA]I am seized by feelings of vanity and fearThere is no barrier between usWhispers and moans, and ringing in my earThere is no barrier between usDivine, delicious, but I do not see or hear anythingI'm borne away to a senseless worldSo strange, so remoteI don't know good from badAnatoleAnatoleI'm so frightened[ANATOLE]You are enchanting{NATASHA]And as we dancedHe pressed my waist and handAnd told me I was[NATASHA & ANATOLE]Bewitching[ANATOLE]And I love you[NATASHA & ANATOLE]Bewitching[ANATOLE]And I love youNATASHAAnd during the ecossaise, heNATASHA (& ANATOLE)Gazed/(Gaze) in my eyesNATASHAAnd said nothing, justNATASHA (& ANATOLE)Gazed/(Gaze) in my eyesNATASHAMy frightened eyesSuch confident tendernessI could not say what I had to say[ANATOLE]Don't lower your eyesI love youI am in love, dearI am in loveGaze in my eyesI love youYou are bewitchingWhat can I doDarling, what can I do?[NATASHA]

Don't say such thingsI am betrothedI love another[ANATOLE]Don't speak to me of that!When I tell you that I am madly, madly in love with you!Is it my fault that you're enchanting?[NATASHA]I'm so frightenedI don't understand anything tonight[ANATOLE]I'm here now(Natasha breaks away.)[ANATOLE]Natalie![NATASHA]I can feel your eyes upon me[ANATOLE]Blocking her path, I bring her face close to mine[NATASHA]His large, glittering, masculine eyes are so close to mineThat I see nothing else[ANATOLE]Is it possible that I should never see you again?I love you madly!Can I never?Natalie?[NATASHA]You press my arm[ANATOLE]Natalie?[NATASHA]You're hurting my hands![ANATOLE]Natalie?[NATASHA]I don't understandI have nothing to say(They kiss.)[NATASHA]Burning lips pressed to mineTell me what just happenedI'm tremblingSo frighteningAndreyBut I love youOf that there is no doubtHow else could all of this have happened?How else could we have kissed?It means that I have loved you from the firstIt means that you are kindNoble and splendidAnd I could not help loving youI will love you, AnatoleI'll do anything for you[NATASHA & ANATOLE]I'll do anything for you
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