Текст песни Natasha, Pierre And The Great Comet Of 1812 - The Duel

[ANATOLE]Good evening, PierreStudying?[PIERRE]YesHow was the opera?[ANATOLE]LovelyNatalya Rostova was there[PIERRE]Oh?Dear Andrey's betrothed?I have known her family for years and long carried affectionFor her[ANATOLE]YesCharmingLook, Dolokhov's coming aroundAnd we're off to the clubWill you come, old man?[PIERRE]I will come[ANATOLE]Lend me fifty rubles?[DOLOKHOV]Drink, drinkGonna drink tonightGonna drink tonightGonna drink, gonna drinkGonna drink tonightGonna drink tonightGonna drink tonightGonna[DOLOKHOV, ANATOLE & PIERRE]Drink, drinkGonna drink tonightGonna drink tonightGonna, gonna drink, gonna drink tonightGonna drink tonightGonna drink tonight[ALL]Drink with me, my loveFor there's fire in the skyAnd there's ice on the groundEither way, my soul will die[PIERRE]The doctors warned meThat with my corpulence[ALL]Corpulence![PIERRE]Vodka and wine are dangerous for meBut I drink a great dealOnly quite at easeAfter pouring several glasses mechanicallyInto my large mouth[PIERRE & ALL]Then I feelA pleasant warmth in my bodyA sentimental attachment to my fellow man[HÉLÈNE]Keep drinking old man[ANATOLE & DOLOKHOV]Keep drinking old manDrink the whole night throughKeep drinking old man[ALL]Keep drinking old manDrink the whole night throughKeep drinking old man[ANATOLE]Natasha, NatashaHer arms, her shoulders, her neck, her feet[HÉLÈNE]The air of a connoisseur[ANATOLE]I will make love to her[DOLOKHOV]Better not, monsieurShe's first rate, but nothing but trouble[DOLOKHOV & HÉLÈNE]Better wait till she's married[DOLOKHOV]Anatole is a married manA fact known only to his intimatesA Polish landowner of some small meansHad forced him to marry his daughter[ANATOLE]Nevermind about that nowIt doesn't matterI don't give a damnJust as a duck is made to swim in waterGod has made me as I amAll I care for is gaiety and womenAnd there's no dishonor in thatAs long as there's money and vodkaI'll keep a feather in my hat[PIERRE]I used to loveI used to loveI used to be better[ALL]Keep drinking old man[HÉLÈNE]Drink, drink, drinkGod to think I married a man like you[PIERRE]

Don't speak to me, wifeThere is something inside me...[HÉLÈNE]Dolokhov, pour me another[PIERRE]Something terrible and monstrous[DOLOKHOV]Here's to the health of married womenAnd a smile lurks at the corner of my mouthHere's to the health of married womenAnd their lovers![DOLOKHOV & ALL]Here's to the health of married womenHere's to the health of married womenAnd their lovers!Here's to the health of married womenHere's to the health of married womenAnd their lovers![PIERRE]How dare you touch her?[DOLOKHOV]You can't love her[PIERRE]Enough!You bully, you scoundrelI challenge you[DOLOKHOV]Oh, a duel?Yes, this is what I like[HÉLÈNE]He will kill you, stupid husband[PIERRE]So I shall be killedWhat is it to you?Anatole, my guns[ANATOLE]Oh, this is horribly stupid[DOLOKHOV]Well, let's beginThis is child's play[SERVANT/DENISOV]As the adversaries have refused a reconciliationWe shall please proceed with the duelReady your pistolsAnd on the count of triBegin to advance[ALL]Rahz! Dva! Tri![ANATOLE]Pierre, hold your firePierre, hold your firePierre, not yet!(PIERRE shoots DOLOKHOV)[DOLOKHOV]No!Shot by a fool![PIERRE]No, wait, I didn't mean –[DOLOKHOV]Quiet, old man!My turn[PIERRE]My turn...[ANATOLE]Pierre, stand back!(HÉLÈNE screams)[DOLOKHOV]Missed, missedOh my mother, my angelMy adoréd angel mother[HÉLÈNE]Take him away[SERVANT/DENISOV]The sun is risingThe duel is at an endAnd Pierre Bezukhov is the winner[PIERRE]Winner[HÉLÈNE]You are a fool[ANATOLE]Well, sweet sisterYou certainly bring out the beast in men[HÉLÈNE]What can I say?It's a gift[ANATOLE]How I adore youWill you ask Natasha to the ball tonight?[HÉLÈNE]Of course, dear brother[ANATOLE]Come on, old manLet's get you home[PIERRE]In a moment[ANATOLE]Sleep it offAnd be happyWe live to love another day

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