Текст песни Natasha, Pierre And The Great Comet Of 1812 - The Opera

[MARYA D.]The opera, the opera!Stop mooning and moaning, we'll miss the curtain![SERVANT]LadiesWelcome to the opera[SONYA]Bare arms and shouldersBrilliant uniformsPearls and silkGlittering before our eyesFeminine envyA whole crowd of memoriesDesires and emotionsNatasha, smooth your gown[Chorus]Natasha, smooth your gown[NATASHA]Looking in the glassI see I am prettyNot a girl anymoreI've never felt like this beforeHundreds of eyesLooking at my bare armsMy bare arms and neckMy bare arms and shoulders[Chorus]The two remarkably pretty girlsHad not been seen in Moscow in many yearsEverybody knew vaguely of Natasha's engagementOne of the finest matches in all of Russia[SONYA]Look, there's Alexey, home from the war at last[MARYA D.]He has changedDear me, Michael Kirilovich has grown still stouter![Chorus]There's Boris and Julie, engagedAnd Anna Mikhaylovna, what a headdress she has on![HÉLÈNE]And is that Natasha[Chorus]And is that NatashaAnd is that Natasha[NATASHA]They are looking at meThey are talking about me!They all like me so muchThe women enviousThe men calming their jealousy[SERVANT]Announcing Fedya DolokhovHe dominates Moscow's most brilliant young menHe stands in full viewWell aware he's attracting attentionYet as much at ease as though he were in his own room[MARYA D.]Dolokhov was in the CaucasusAnd he killed the Shah's brother!Now all the Moscow ladies are mad about himDolokhov the assassin![SERVANT]Announcing Countess Hélène BezukhovaThe queen of societyBeautiful, barely clothedPlump bare shoulders, and much-exposed neckRound which she wears a double string of pearls[Chorus]Hélène and Dolokhov, arm in armPierre the cuckold sits at homePierre the cuckold sits at homeThe poor man[PIERRE]No, I am enjoying myself at home this evening[NATASHA]Oh, that neckOh, those pearls[HÉLÈNE]So beautifulWhat a charming young girlSo enchanting[NATASHA]I blush scarlet[MARYA D.]Countess Bezukhova, Pierre's wifeHave you been here long?And where is dear Pierre?He never used to forget us[NATASHA]

Yes Pierre, that good manA little sad, a little stoutHe must come visit us[HÉLÈNE]I will implore him to do so[MARYA D.]There's a woman one should stay far away fromNow NatashaThe curtain rises[Chorus]The curtain rises[NATASHA]Everyone in the boxes and the stalls became silentAll the men, old and young, in uniform and evening dressAll the women in the hallWith gems on their bare fleshTurned their whole attentionWith curiosity to the stageGrotesque and amazingI cannot follow the operaOr even listen to the musicI see painted cardboardQueerly dressed actorsMoving and singing so strangely in the lightsSo false and unnaturalI'm ashamed and amusedAnd everyone else seems obliviousYes everyone feigns delight[SONYA]And feeling the flood of brilliant lightsThe warm perfumed air heated by the crowdNatasha little by littleBegan to pass into a state of intoxicationAnd thenA rush of cold air[NATASHA & SONYA]An exceptionally handsome man walked inWith a confident yet courteous air[HÉLÈNE]This was Hélène's brotherAnatole KuraginHe moved with a swaggerWhich would have been ridiculousHad he not been so good-lookingAnd though it was the middle of the actHe walked right down the aisleHis sword and spurs janglingHis handsome perfumed head held highAnd he looked right at Natasha[ANATOLE]Mais charmante[HÉLÈNE]And he took his place in the front row next to Dolokhov[NATASHA]How handsome he isHow intoxicating[SONYA]In the second act there were tombstonesThe moon over the footlightsHorns and contrabassBlack cloaks and daggers in their hands[NATASHA]I turn around again and our eyes meetHe gazes straight into my eyesHe is talking about me[SONYA]Candles burningA crimson throneThe Tsar wails a mournful tuneThey all wave their armsAnd everybody cheers“Bravo, bravo!”[NATASHA]Every time I look at himHe's looking at meEvery time I look at himHe's looking at meEvery time I look at him[SONYA]A terrible noise, a clatter in the crowdA storm of chromatic scales and diminished seventhsWith rapturous faces everyone was shoutingScreaming and shouting, “Bravo!”[Chorus]Bravo, bravoBravo, bravoBravo, bravo[SONYA]And thenA rush of cold airAnd Anatole entered the box
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