Текст песни Nelly - The Fix

(Intro)Yeah, Mustard on the beat ho (Verse 1 - Nelly)Shawty hit me on the late nightGot a man, got me thinking, shawty, ain't rightShe say she ain't about the creep lifeBut all she wanna do is take pipeI ain't mad at nobodyI just wanna have your bodyNow, I can give you the key, girlOr you can meet me in the lobbyTalking bout it (Pre-Chorus - Nelly)Oh, I'll lay you down and go downGirl, til I reach your oceanOh oohSo come and get this d**k (Chorus - Jeremih)When you need that fix, yeah, that medicineI know you like it like thisWhen you get that itch, adrenalineHeart beating outta your chestHeart beating outta yo chestAnd when that pressure's buildingI got what you need, come f**k with meAnd when you get that feeling

I got sexual healingBabyTalking boutBaby (Verse 2 - Nelly)Bust it open every time I get up insideSoaking wet, turn the bed to a slip n slideSpread eagle, ni**a eating like it's suppa timeShawty knows who's is it, it's all mineI ain't mad at nobody noooI just wanna have your bodyAnd if you can take it deepThen let a ni**a like me, get at that body girl (Repeat Pre Chorus) (Repeat Chorus) (Bridge - Jeremih & Nelly)BabyTalking boutBabySweat em all outBabyI can't hold it much longerBabyI'm getting stronger and stronger (Repeat Chorus)
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