Текст песни Neutral - Playroom

In my playroom windows shut Purple carpet, smell of slaughter Waiting for the game to start Setting all the toys in order Shadows dancing on the walls Weird sounds drill my ears Playing with my pretty toys Seeing death in their tears Moony circle, yellow hole On the blackened midnight curtain What about your mortal soul Is it still remains uncertain? Death is just an open gate Dive inside it, cross the border Welcome to another state Welcome to the Empty Quarter

Door is open, please come in Toys are waiting for you coming Join my endless suffering Feel how slowly time is running Would you like to have some drink? Take a seat in rocking chair Blood is colder than you think Taste a bit and don't beware So much horror you will feel Noone felt so much before you You will see how I can kill Locked inside my paranoia Thoughts and fears all hide away Bloody stains on dirty ceiling This is how I like to play Having fun I like this feeling
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