Текст песни New Seekers, the - All right, my love

All right, my love. The time for parting has come, And somewhere in the past there's a reason, And I’ve been giving all I can give, But you’ve got your life to live. All right, my love. You’ve reached that stage in your life, When someone else's arms will excite you, And someone else will run when you call. You must live your life after all. There’s really nothing I can do to make you stay With my words that lose their meaning, When I try to think of something else to say. All right, my love. All right, my love. And now my love The story has come to an end. There’s nothing there to keep us together. And now the path you’ve chosen has shown: You must live your life on your own. It won’t be hard to find someone to take your place, But that won't be until tomorrow, And today my tears keep falling on my face.
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