Текст песни NF - Breathe

[Hook]BreatheBreathe[Verse 1]I grew up in a small place, had to drive an hour just to see a movieI'm a simple person, city life just doesn't move meI'd rather be home with my grandparents and playing EuchreDidn't wanna leave but this dream's calling, I had to do itI left my girl there, wish I would've done it differentShe was right when she told me that I don't ever listenI told her I would change a million times and never did itApologies don't mean a thing if you don't ever fix itI love what I do but it's not what I expectedThis industry is not your friend, well it's my perspectiveSometimes the closest people to you make you feel protectedBut those are the same people that hurt you most and leave you guessingSome people say nobody's perfect but expect perfectionHow you supposed to find the answer if you don't ask the question?Sometimes I look into the mirror and talk to my reflectionWhen I go home and turn the music off, what am I left with?[Hook]

BreatheBreathe[Verse 2]We used to be close but it's time past, we became disconnectedYou never felt love and I always felt disrespectedYour family thought I was a joke, I was always defensiveThey just wanted what was best for you, I just couldn't accept itAnd hurting you was not a part of my plan or my intentionsBut I was immature, I guess I had to learn some lessonsWe grew apart and our lives went in different directionsAnd there's a lot of responsibilities that I neglectedI had a lot that was bottled inside, couldn't express itAnd this pain won't leave, I can feel the depressionIt's taking over my body, feels like I'm always stressingDoctor told me I should sleep, but I'm always restlessI lay awake at night and think, my thoughts are relentlessI need a moment to breathe, I need a moment to vent thisI seem to be the only person that I play pretend withAnd when I turn the music off, what am I really left with huh?[Hook]BreatheBreathe
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