Текст песни NF - Escape

[Hook]I wish, that I could leave it all behind meGo to my own world where no one can find meI guess it's just the way I escape, yeahI guess it's just the way I escapeAnd I wish, that I could take parts of my pastHold on to the good and throw the rest in the trashI guess it's just the way I escape, yeahI guess it's just the way I escape[Verse 1]Have you ever been so broke, or frozen, it's so coldEmotions are so blown, hoping you won't goBack to that war zone, the place that you don't knowIt's hard to go the right way when you're on the wrong roadFeel like you're so low, you're 'bout to explodeAnd you'd do anything to get back what you let goStuck in upset mode, cuz you can't seem to figure this outLiving without a reason to live, thinking aboutWhat you should have done, things that you could have changedAnd maybe if you had then things wouldn't be this wayAnd you wouldn't feel this pain, but that's too easy now isn't itWishing that you could go back and things would be differentGot a time machine up in your mindWishing you could push a button and your life would unwindBut that's not how it happens, you can hope and imagineInstead of looking forwards, lot of us looking backwards[Hook][Verse 2]Have you ever been so lost, you feel like your hope's goneAnd know you need to let go of some things but you hold onHoping and wishing that some things would be differentSo you scream in your room, it feels like nobody's listening

You're mad so you scream louder, things that you're not proud ofWishing you knew a way to escape but you don't know how theHeck are you supposed to cope with something you can't let goYou get emotional, wonder if you'll ever knowCame to get lost in it, wishing back lost minutesYour anger's involved in it, so you get engulfed in thisPain that you come to hate, wishing you could escapeBut you don't know where to run, it's written all on your faceLook at me losing control, I just don't know where to goI'm getting lost in the mo-ment, look at me woah (Yeah)I think it's time for me to escapeTime to relate, follow me as I put this pen to this page[Hook][Bridge]I'm so sick of feelingLike I don't have a clue what I'm doingLike I don't have a clue what I'm doingYeahAnd I'm so sick of feelingLike I don't have a clue where I'm goingLike I don't have a clue where I'm goingYeah[Verse 3]See all of us need a place, where we can go escapeGet away from the pain, be ourselves and just run awayBut where are we running to, this lane we've been running throughStarting to get harder and it's starting to bother youSome of us get depressed, some of us go to musicSome of us get stressed, others just push through itSo I'm gonna push through this, now and get lost in thisEscape and get lost in it, get ready we've all said it[Hook]
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