Текст песни NF - Intro

I'm lookin' like I'm gonna get it, you probably don't get itI come in your house with a microphoneLookin' like I'm about to set up a show in your kitchenI'm outta my mind but I feel like I'm in itIf I never make it, don't make any differenceI'm still gonna kill itYou know what the deal isAin't never no chillin' when I'm in the buildin'NF is a monster, I am a villainMy music is sick, and you don't know what ill isYou better get back, I don't write any fillerI write what I feel and I'm feelin' a millionSo you better shh, be quiet, you hear it?I'm 'bout to lose itI'm on a whole different level of musicDon't treat me like I don't have no clue how to do thisYou better rethink what you're thinkin' and move itNow picture me writin' when I was a kid tryna make it in musicI'm thinkin' it's crazyI spent all my money on studio time, tryna get on my music so people could play itImma keep it 100, my music was terribleLearned to get better, the more that I made itGo back to my Moments albumMost of you people, you probably don't know what I'm sayin', hold up!What you're witnessin' now, don't try to figure me outI grab on that microphone, jawin' the crowdThey was laughin' at me, who they laughin' at now, huh?I laugh at myself, some people they lookin' like, "Wow"The moment you told me that you was a rapper, I couldn't believe itYou believe it now?Step in the booth and I murder itYou never heard of a rapper that kill it like I doI sleep on the couch in the studio, stay up 'til 3 in the morningAnd write 'till I get moreThe moment I wake up I feel like I don't even sleepAnd I'm ready to put out my recordWell, thank you for buyin' it!Maybe you burned it!But either way, I'm gonna wreck it!I look at the industry, look what it did to meYou'll never make it if you never grind

You put a whole lot of money into it, you better be ready to give it your timeI look at the past few years of my life and I promise you I have been given it mineTry to keep up with thisI'm not a puppet, no string on my back, I'm one of a kindMusic is changing, no way to tame thisI am an artist, look what I paintedHang up the caution tape, I'm dangerousDoes anyone know where my brain is?Rappers are comfortable knowing they're famousBut I really don't care what your name isAnd I really don't care if I'm namelessY'all just drivin' around, I know where my lane isCocky? Nah, I'm competitiveThis is a job for me, it's adrenalineDon't try to box me in, I am MayweatherI come in the ring, my punches are way betterI never drink but I live in these barsThe moment you blink is the moment you lostSay you a king, who put you in charge?Don't care what you think, I'll break in your carClimb on the top of it, sound the alarmAnd wake up the neighborhood, rap in your yardAnd the carry the speakers on both of my arms'Til you keep sleepin' on me, I'm at largeEnough with the jokes, I ain't jokin'You come in a session with me Imma show you what dope isAnd when I say dope I ain't talkin' 'bout smokeAnd I'm talkin' 'bout music that has an emotionI look at this mic, it's part of my familyTake it away, I'm comin' to find youI've been through a lot in my lifeAnd it's hard to get people to listen when no one's behind youAnd then Capitol came in the picture and gave me a shotAnd look at it nowI look at the team I'm dealin' with, these people ain't playin' aroundLookin' back, I gotta laughI was in a whole different place a year agoI look at the math, I look at the mapAnd thank you God, I swear it's a miracleAnd I'm sorry, but I gotta leaveBut man, this track was beautifulThe least I can do if I murder a beat is take the time to go his funeral
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