Текст песни NF - Moments

[Intro: 2x]Here I comeHere I comeThere I goThere I goYeah, I'm a dreamer[Verse 1]You all about the moneyI'm all about the dreamsAll that cash talkThat don't mean a thing to meSee I don't run the streetsI don't run the hoodI'm spittin' real lifeMost y'all are HollywoodI'm comin' with a flowThat's crazyGot your movement from the momentsY'all play meTrust me you don't wanna mess with me babyI have you runnin' in circles[Verse 2]Here I come with a flow so flyLookin' at me nuts like I lost my mindFlows so hot, when the right is mineI ain't gonna stop, let it pass me byYou too slow gang in the rest gangWith the base, get out of the wayI don't wanna lose you butI'm kinda in the mood to whatYou thinkin' for a minute that you fasterWhen it comes to flowWe both know that I already passed yaYou like an apprentice in this gameI'm like the masterMy lyrics are bullets, and I'm about to blast yaHave yaConsidered the person you're dealin' withAll y'all ever talk about is how you makin' millionsSee, that's the differenceBetween me and you and this rapRather have my momma backThan stack a hundred stacksSo I don't wanna make a sceneBut, you don't know what it means to meGrabbin' a mic has filled my dreamsThis means everything to meBasically, it's makin' meDevelop into what you seeWhat you seeIs all of meComposin' around, so follow me[Hook]This is the moment of your lifeYou better grab it while you got the chance toThis is the moment of your lifeYou do what you wanna

I'mma do what I have toGot me sayin'Hey (3x)And you got me sayin'Hey (3x)And you got me sayin'[Verse 3]Bob your head (2x)Get in the zone (2x)Yeah, give it your allJust lose controlAnother shot to prove allYou could exstallThat's why I stay focused and keep my heart with the LordTonight's make or breakWhich yours to takeA moment of destinyA moment of painI'll move the paceNo time to wasteMind the line, how to winLet me demonstrateNow take ambitionA moment's givenHave a heart that isn't finishedSlapped in the faceThem heartless criticsHa, now you with meThe things you say I never doWhat else will I have to put with youNevermindLet me take you back to schoolLet me show you apes a thing or twoFight for existence like black or blueMind the ball game, and you'll get a clueHead about to bust like you blew a fusePay attention don't get confusedTo be the best, you can never restSo we'll call it good cause you make the restYeah, my heart's full of dreams that you can't acceptCame through the sideI got nothin' leftBut I'm fineI got my prideI got my mindThat's all I needI'm settin' bombsSorry, I got my self-esteem[Hook][Intro: 2x][Bridge]I'm a dreamerYeah I'm a dreamer yeahOh yeah[Hook]
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