Текст песни NF - Until I Die

[Intro]YeahRecord fourYeahIt's record number fo'Anybody knowsYeahI'mma let it, I'mma let it, I'mma let it goI'mma let it goYeahListenOh no[Verse 1]I ain't the type to take a gat and put a hole in your headI'm the type that take the mic and clean your soul up insteadWhat I say and what I write is motivation forget itYou want a shady number two, man that's not what this isIt's like we all take sin and adapt itUsed to seem ugly, now it's lookin' attractiveUsed to let it bug meNow we like it when it happensIt's like when it happens, your life is inactiveWorld's satisfaction will play with your mindGot you thinkin' get aheadBut your fallin' behindYo DMX said, "Lord, send me a sign"Read a little Revelation, and that's what you gon' findSee in every line, I present you with factsAnd yo in every rhyme I design to impact youGo inside of your mindI rewind and go back to a place or a timeYou traveled off of the mapDo the math, yeah money put a smile on your faceSame thing that make you smile will make your smile go awaySee the riches of the world might get you da chains and knacksBut in the end, neither one of those'll save your life[Hook]Until I dieI'mma take my hopes and dreamsAnd use 'em to glorify His NameUntil I dieI'mma rep' the one true GodAnd I don't care 'bout what nobody sayUntil I dieI'mma spread the truth to this nationAnd show 'em there's a God that can save em'Until I dieAnd it gon' take my last breathOut of my chest I'm gon' praise Him[Verse 2]MTV knows how to get the alleyoop

All they gotta do is mix a little lie with some truthCome here girlLet me fix that face upNeed a little less clothes and a lot more makeupGet all caked upOh no, here we goAnother episodeSkippin' down the Hollywood roadWhere you goin'?Nobody knows, nobody caresThen you wonder why the girls around the world insecureIt's so stupidYou want the truth kidsThe media's just one big lie of losin'It's like I'm watchin' a movieWorld's so full of actorsTake a moment listen to meI'm not actin'I'm just askin'Tell me if you're ready to dieIf it happened todayWhere would your soul reside?Devil laughin' cause he know how to play with your faceSo I just pick up the mic and I say[Hook][Verse 3]I'd rather die today for what I believe inThan die a hundred years from now for no reasonAtheists are like, "I don't know why I'm breathin'"Yeah, there's gotta be a reasonBut there's no JesusStandin' up screamin', "He's not real!"Honestly, I'm sorryThat's the way y'all feelWorld's kinda like to meJust a roller coasterYou in it for the ride?Well, what's up when it's over?You keep doin' wrong when you know it ain't rightHow you live today it turns to eternal lifeYou let it slip away, and it's gon' blast youKeep the sin up in your faceThen the truth gon' pass youMy momma used to tell me"I should follow my dreams"But most of my lifeI just been followin' meSo I'mma take this moment to release my shineAnd yo forget about meLet His will be done man not mine[Hook]
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