Текст песни NF - Warm Up

[Intro]YeahSomething for the fansYeah[Verse]I'm the type to rent a hotel room just to feel at homeI'm the type to rent a hotel room just to be aloneI got an issue with people pretending they like what they don'tPlease don't bring up my issues unless you gon' deal with your ownPlease don't try to pretend like you keep it real, thoughYeah it's funny that you got a lotta moneyBut that money doesn't buy you skills, thoughI don't care if I am on the billboardsOn a killing spreeI'm about to kill moreGot a chain onYou paid a mill' forI mean what you people even live for?I write raps, you steal yours, oh Lord (haha)We just getting warmed upYeah, I said I was coming, I warned youSo close to the fansI feel like they ride on my tour busYou wanna know what I do in my downtime?They come to my fortressI apologize for all the corpsesIt's a mess right nowBut I haven't had time to put the rappers in the coffinsWe ain't talked in like six yearsWhy you writing me now?I just turned 100k downJust to keep the brand looking right, now (that's real)I ain't bragging about the moneyI'm just saying I ain't controlled by the bank accountOr the bank amountsI'm a business manBut don't touch my moneyI don't play aroundLights out when the mics outAbout to hit the West CoastHype crowdsI just put a record outWhat you think I'm gonna pipe down?Nah, I've been looking for a beatLook what I found, wooI mean everything is coming out of my mouthTried to tell me, yeah, I ain't had the right soundOh, yeah, wellTell me what you think now

Two records in the bagI ain't done, thoughWhat's coming next year?Let me hear the drum rollDon't flowAnybody wanna be the one to make an issue out of nothing?Imma hit you with my iPhoneI knowI'm a little out of hand nowI ain't looking for a handoutYou didn't like what I was doing last yearWhich is funny 'cause you lookin' like a fan nowAre you a fan now?I kinda miss being brokeNow let me go back to my old daysWhen I used to walk into high schoolAnd hand out my CD in hallwaysI told all my teachers that I'd be a rapperThey smiled and looked at me, "Okay, that's a pretty nice dream, but you better get a real job.""Mmm, no way."Yeah I live what you dreamin'I could do this while I'm sleepin'I ain't the type that will bring up your name for nothingBut please, don't give me a reasonI'm on the edge nowI ain't playin' with youNever really been a fan of takin' picturesI'm just being honest, yeahI'll take it with youShows sellin' outBetter get your tickets, oh Lord!I got a love for the fansI can't express what it feels likeSometimes I wonder if it's even real lifeSometimes I look at the past and think about how I got here in the first placeYou know the glove is my birthplaceI don't wanna be rudeBut I could get you on my worst daysSay nothing for meDo it all the timeYeah they barely workin' while I'm workin' overtimeLast year they like, "Who am I?"Now this year they like, "You the guy."Here's a little something for your car ridesIf they said I fell offThey all liedYeah, you know the logoBetter recognizeYeah it's Real Music'Till the day we dieYah!
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