Текст песни NF - Why

Too many faces, too many faces, too many facesYeah, what's your definition of success? (ayy!)I don't trust the thoughts that come inside my head (woo!)I don't trust this thing that beats inside my chestWho I am and who I wanna be can not connect; why?Don't think I deserve it? You get no respect (woo!)I just made a couple mil', still not impressedLet You Down goes triple platinum, yeah, okay, okay, I guess (ayy!)Smile for a moment then these questions startin' to fill my head, not again!I push away the people that I love the most; why? (woo!)I don't want no one to know I'm vulnerable; why? (woo!)That makes me feel weak and so uncomfortable; why? (ayy!)Stop askin' me questions, I just wanna feel aliveUntil I die—this isn't Nate's flow (woo!)Just let me rhyme; I'm in disguiseI'm a busy person, got no time for lies; one of a kindThey don't see it; I pull out they eyes; I'm on the rise!I've been doin' this for most my life with no advice (woo!)Take my chances, I just roll the dice, do what I likeAs a kid, I was afraid of heights, put that asideNow I'm here and they look so surprised, well so am I, woo!They don't invite me to the parties but I still arriveKick down the door and then I go insideGive off that "I do not belong here" vibeThen take the keys right off the counter, let's go for a rideWhy do y'all look mortified? (ayy!)I keep to myself, they think I'm sorta shy, organizedLet You Down's the only song you've heard of? Well then you're behind (woo!)Story time; wish that I could think like Big Sean does, but I just can't decide (aah!)

If I should stick my knife inside of PennywiseI, I don't care what anybody else thinks—lies (haha!)I do not need nobody to help me—liesI kinda feel guilty 'cause I'm wealthy; why?I don't understand, it's got me questionin' like, "Why?Just tell me why"—now back to this flowInside I feel dividedBack when I ain't had a dime, but had the driveBack before I ever signed, I questioned life, like, "Who am I, man?" Woo!Nothin' to me's ever good enoughI could be workin' for twenty-four hours a day and think I never did enoughMy life is a movie but there ain't no tellin' what you're gonna see in my cinema (no!)I wanna be great but I get it in the way of myself and I think about everything that I could never beWhy do I do it though? Ayy, yeahWhy you always lookin' aggravated?Not a choice, you know I had to make itWhen they talk about the greatest, they gon' probably never put us in the conversationLike somethin' then I gotta take itWrite somethin' then I might erase itI love it, then I really hate itWhat's the problem, Nathan? I don't know!I know I like to preach to always be yourself (yeah)But my emotions make me feel like I am someone elseMe and pride had made a pact that we don't need no helpWhich feels like I'm at war inside myself but I forgot the shellsI hold my issues up for all to see, like show and tellA lot of people know me, but, not a lot know me wellHold my issues up for all to see, like show and tellA lot of people know me, but, they don't know me wellToo many faces, too many faces, too many faces

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