Текст песни NF - With Me

[Intro]Ladies and gentlemenWelcome to tonight's showNext up, we have one of the greatestYou know who he isHello[Verse 1]Whoops! I must be losin' itThey don't make medicine for asSick as my music isGot no time for foolishnessWho do you think you're foolin' withI been doin' this ever since I really knew what music wasMy music's aWell, how should I describe it?I take a rhyme then I make it shineIn your face like a diamondI'm in a position in which I shed light 'til it blind yaComes a time in your lifeThis show your dream lookLook what the time isWhy is everytime somebody's bein' themselvesSomethin' comes alongLike TV says to be someone elseJust bein' myselfOh Nathan, look what you've doneGot no weapons or gunsShoot, I'm probably white as they comeGot you on the runYes, I guess I'm out of my mindOnly time I've ever murderedIs when I'm writin' these rhymesGod's what I'm onI ain't smokin' dope to get famousOne of the greatestLike fifty cents, you can love it or hate it[Hook 2x]Yeah YeahI got the Lord with meYeah YeahI got the Lord with meI got the Lord with meThis ain't a game to mePut your hands up if you feel the same as me[Verse 2]911, what's your emergency?Some white boy with a microphone just lyrically murdered meWe've had that call six times this weeksAnd we still can't find him yetSo you're gonna have to find a holeAnd probably just climb in itHis rhymin' is so ballisticIt's hard for us to track him

And we're so far behindI don't think we're gonna catch himHe's got that Jesus in his musicWhich to us is crazyCause he ain't gonna make no moneyTalkin' about that Jesus babyMaybeI'm back like you ain't never seen meGrabbin' a mic make this look so easyChessy rappers are runnin' aroundTalkin' about they're wearin' a crownI'm wearin' them downDon't believe me? FineThat white boy that should be signedAbove your mindWith every single lyricEvery single rhymeSome people look at youAnd think you're just a joke or nothin'Some people see me probably thinkThat boy is smokin' somethin'I ain't smokin'I'm just out of controlHere we goQ-Quit pretendin' you don't already know[Hook 2x][Verse 3]When I come throughI'mma get you movin' backBetter than ever babyYou know how I do itChrist in the musicYeah, that's meQuit waitin' for me to changeThat's how it's gonna beAin't about the moneyI would rather have my family closeSounds sweet little somethin' like candyYeahAnd that's the way I rollLike Lecrae said"You either go hard or go home"I ain't playin' with yaSpit it like a preacherWelcome to the show boyI'mma special featureMoment of slow stuffComin' out your speakersI make you go crazyGo crazyLet me see you moveYeah Yeah (3x)Let me see you move (2x)[Hook 2x]
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