Текст песни NF - Wrap Me in Your Arms

[Intro]YeahIt's crazy for meCause I just feel different right nowIt's like I'm to a point where I feel likeGod, I should give You everything, and that's what I'm gonna doI need You LordI want You to use meJust wrap me in Your arms, FatherYeah[Hook 4x]Lord, I need youWrap me in Your armsWrap me in Your armsWrap me in Your arms[Verse 1]Lord, I want you to use meFather, please fill me upSick of livin' thirstyI need that water in my cupI look out the window of my lifeI see a prisonBut for some reasonHe gave us the rite to be forgivenAnd I'm no longer in the chains homie that I used to beI feel like a drugIt's like a lot of people usin' meAbusin' meI usually let it get the best of meSick of givin' half, LordPlease just take the best of meDevil was arrestin' meHad me in them hand cuffsUsed to sit downNow, I praise Him with my hands upHad the wrong runnin' shoesI was off trackNow, I know where I'm runnin' toAnd I ain't goin' backSee I would rather die than pretend You don't existGot my Bible on my sideGot no pistol got no clipsGot my hands up to the skyThese rappers they can walk it outWhen I say that I'm walkin' I'm dancin'That what I'm talkin' 'bout sittin'[Hook 4x][Verse 2]Yeah, I know I'm a sinner, LordYes, time for changesSick of my head hangin' lowLike little ants chained usI'mma rock stagesThat ain't just why I do itI'mma pull a Lecrae yeahAnd spread that Jesus musicI want you to move me Lord

You give me that energyTake me to them places thatI thought that I would never beCaught up in that melodyInstead of the ministryJesus took the painBroke the chains, and delivered meWe go into Church, pray to GodYeah we worshipCounter what we preachAnd wonder why it isn't workin'I been in the same boatI been in the same shoesWe're walkin' the same roadI'm dealin' with pain tooYou don't know if He's realMan, I'm tellin' you He's gotta beNeed Him like oxygenAnd everyone's gotta breatheMan you gotta seeEverybody stand upScreamin' at the top of your lungsWith your hands up[Hook 4x][Verse 3]Yo, I been to the topBeen to the bottomDealt with the painDealt with the problemNow I'm back in the place againGot a mind full of memoriesA mind full of sinI don't wanna be this wayBut the things I doAnd the things I sayLead me astrayLord, I just want you to take my sin awayLife is like the radioAnd everything gets overplayedNeed another stationMind is racin'What's come over meSin has got me bad within'I'm battlin' like overseasI don't just preach in my music boysSo we can shoot the breezeGot this music to a TBut that doesn't mean a thingIf I don't take the gift that Jesus gave meAnd rep' the KingSee you reppin' the chainSee you reppin' the doughMoney doesn't run, so tell me what you chase it forGod's comin' soonBetter get strapAnd I ain't talkin' 'bout them pistols or them big gatsYeah, I'm talkin' 'bout the Rapture manPut your Bible up and yell it 'til it happens eh[Hook 4x]
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