Текст песни Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - I Need You

When you're feeling like a loverNothing really matters anymoreI saw you standing there in the supermarketWith your red dressing falling and your eyes are to the groundNothing really matters, nothing really matters when the one you love is goneYou're still in me, babyI need youIn my heart, I need youCause nothing really mattersI'm standing in the doorwayYou're walking 'round my place in your red dress, hair hanging downWith your eyes on one, we love the ones we canCause nothing really matters when you're standing, standingI need you, need youCause nothing really mattersWe follow the line of the palms of our handsYou're standing in the supermarket, nothing, holding handsIn your red dress, falling, falling in, falling inA long black car is waiting 'roundI will miss you when you're gone

I'll miss you when you're gone away foreverCause nothing really mattersI thought I knew better, so much betterAnd I need youI need youCause nothing really mattersOn the night we wrecked like a trainPurring cars and pouring rainNever felt right about, never againCause nothing really mattersNothing really matters anymore, not even todayNo matter how hard I tryWhen you're standing in the aisleAnd no, baby nothing, nothing, nothingI need, I need, I need youI need youI need youJust breathe, just breatheI need you
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