Текст песни Nicole Dollanganger - 700 Club

virgin mary, jesus christ think i just found the light in your eyes think i just became as religious as they come i think i just found god dumb founded by the glow of your gold halo oh god i can't believe i'm staring at a living angel give me a bible, i'll put my hand on it give me a pen to join the 700 club baptisms baby, dip me in the lake pour the holy water i'll drink the whole cup cause i never believed there was a heaven til i found you and i never prayed the church always told me to but now you can count on me to get on my knees for you virgin mary, jesus christ who would have thought all those church signs were right? the lord did come and he is my savior i'm a good girl now i'm a believer i don't have blind faith cause i've got proof i know angels are real now that i've found you
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