Текст песни Nile - Age of Famine

There is no place in the upper kingdomNot blighted with plague and famineThe bones of corpses stripped of flesh litter our townsThe desert reclaims the landCorrupt winds of pestilence and contagionSicken the air with piteous lamentations of despairNo living creature great or small Is safe from the starving and the desperateDecades of droughtSeven years without rain or annual floodThe black earth is in ruins, cursing the unfed massesReserves of grain exhaustedCities choked with sandRoving hordes of the starving and emaciatedScour the streets for what scraps they can scavengeEven insects and vermin fear to tread our cities

Starving humans migrate like swarms of locustsEating carrion corpses dogs, human excrement, animal dungThe poor are forced to commit unheard of atrocitiesNoble women beg to become slaves and whoresChildren are dashed against wallsInfants are roasted on high groundThose entombed are unearthedViolating the royal deadWhat the pyramid concealed is defiledLawlessness unchecked, chaos unopposedThe land is deprived of kingshipNo refuge for the old the youngThe weak the malnourishedThe diseased sick who are left along to dieAs the just and unjust alike descend into wickednessAnd ravenously turn on each otherThe age of famine is upon us
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