Текст песни Nile - Negating the Abominable Coils of Apep

Waxen one who feedeth by stealthCoiled one who liveth on the Inert OnesI will not be Inert for theeI will not become infirm for theeThy poison shall not enter into my membersFor my body is as the Body of AtumIf I am not weakSuffering from thee shall not enterInto these limbs of mineI am AtumAt the head of the Primordial WatersMy protection is from the GodsWho art the lords of eternityI am he whose name is secretMore Holy of Throne than the Chaos GodsI have gone forth with AtumI am he who is not examined

I am hale, I am haleBurn in flames thou creature of WaxCoiled fiend who leads away victims and destroyed themThou who prey upon the weak and the helplessMay I never become helplessThy poison shall never enter my corpseFor my bones are as the bones of the God TemSince he does not suffer collapseI shall not suffer collapseLet not the pains of deathEat into my remainsI am the God Tem at the Mouth of the AbyssI am he whose name is hiddenWhose sanctuary is holy for millions of yearsI came forth with the God TemI am he who shall not be condemned
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