Текст песни Nile - User-Maat-Re

O Seti, Great One, my father. I hath finished for thee thy temple at Abydos. And made known the lineage of the blessed. Those who came before. I hath exalted mine ancestors. I hath honoured with the blood and sweat of many. The legacy of thy conquests. I hath glorified thy temple of Set in Avaris. In Karnak, hath I raised the Great Hall. In Thebes, sublime monuments, grand pylons, obelisks And colossal statues are inscribed with my name. By divine right I hath usurped the monuments of my predecessors. I hath created imposing rock hewn temples. Monumental colossi in mine own image. Like as unto the images of Amun, Re, Ptah. I hath caused to rise a formidable legacy carved in stone. In the mountain of Meha. Intended to endure a million years. In the violence of Sekhem. I am become Montu, God of war in the two lands. I hath suppressed the rebellious. I hath driven back chaos and disorder. The conquered chiefs of all foreign lands are beneath my sandals. I hath emblazoned my countless victories in immortality. Carved in rocks as living images of the ritual massacre of mine enemies. I am User-Maat-Re Setep-en-Re, Sovereign of Sovereigns, Beloved of Amun, Chosen of Re, I hath made manifest the grandeur of my empire. to be worthy of thy legacy. O Seti, Great One. User-Maat-Re, Thou hast done nothing. User-Maat-Re, Thou hast done nothing. Nothing. Nothing.
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