Текст песни Nile - User-Maat-Re

O Seti, Great One, my father.I hath finished for thee thy temple at Abydos.And made known the lineage of the blessed.Those who came before.I hath exalted mine ancestors.I hath honoured with the blood and sweat of many.The legacy of thy conquests.I hath glorified thy temple of Set in Avaris.In Karnak, hath I raised the Great Hall.In Thebes, sublime monuments, grand pylons, obelisksAnd colossal statues are inscribed with my name.By divine right I hath usurped the monuments of my predecessors.I hath created imposing rock hewn temples.Monumental colossi in mine own image.Like as unto the images of Amun, Re, Ptah.I hath caused to rise a formidable legacy carved in stone.In the mountain of Meha.Intended to endure a million years.In the violence of Sekhem.

I am become Montu,God of war in the two lands.I hath suppressed the rebellious.I hath driven back chaos and disorder.The conquered chiefs of all foreign lands are beneath my sandals.I hath emblazoned my countless victories in immortality.Carved in rocks as living images of the ritual massacre of mine enemies.I am User-Maat-Re Setep-en-Re,Sovereign of Sovereigns,Beloved of Amun,Chosen of Re,I hath made manifest the grandeur of my empire.to be worthy of thy legacy.O Seti, Great One.User-Maat-Re, Thou hast done nothing.User-Maat-Re, Thou hast done nothing.Nothing.Nothing.
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