Текст песни Nile - What Can Be Safely Written

Great Cthulhu, ever the warrior GodOf all the Old Ones he is the most terribleFor it is his delightTo slay and lay waste to everything that lies beneath his taloned feetAnd the very lust to conquer what was once freeDrives him onward across the heavens and through the spheresIt was he and his spawnThat defeated the elder thingsWho had long possessed sovereignty of this worldBefore he descended on his gray and leathern wingsThrough the upper gate opened by Yog SothothOn the walls of lost citiesAnd in the carvings of madmenWho have glimpsed him in their dreamsIs his image delineatedWithin a tomb protected by great sealsHe lies in deathUnder the weight of the dark waters of the deepYet he dreams still

And in his dreams continues to rule this worldFor his thoughts master the walls of lesser creaturesWhen the stars in their endless turningsAssume the angles of the same rays they shed downIn the primordial dawn of the worldThen does R'lyeh rise upward so the house of CthulhuEmerges from under his watery prisonThe mind of the god waxes strongAnd he sends forth his will to those menWho are open to his influenceThe command to release the seals that bind his tombAlways the starsNever remain in alignment long enoughFor the enslaved men to reach distant R'lyehBefore R'yleh sinks once more under the seaSevering the bond between the will of CthulhuAnd the flesh of those he has enthralledLeaving them to wail in confusion and despairUpon the bosom of the vacant sea
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