Текст песни Nirvana - Milk It (Demo)

"Is this when you start out first?" "No, we all start out" "Okay, we'll start out first" "Yeah, too quiet ... too quiet" "No, we'll start out all together" "Okay, right ... not loud - quiet and then we go loud" "You guys are wasting tape" "Right, okay" "Shhhhhh" "Ready ... 1,2,3,4 ..." She set up for this Monday I never now I got I did all of my friends This mother and her daughter She said (x2) Hey my own will beat water My liars will be the milk man My mother will be your, hey My letter's gone insane She said I'm not just like her She said I'm like her son I drink more milk than he does I'm a deal and I want my mom She said (x2) Big mothers mill be able My letters will you sell My mother is my father But no one is alone She said (x2) My lover is your mother I wish I should drink more milk He lies when I'm here in my bedroom I like him better than I never helped you riddle I never take a bath He always puts the chocolate On my pillow before I go to bed
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