Текст песни Nomy - I Hate You, Diane

I beg you to love me for all that I've doneYeah love me and we'll become oneI beg you to hold me and care for me nowCause Jack, he disappeared somehowAnd without any reason you started to screamAnd hysterically making a sceneAnd you dropped all your bags and you ran out through the doorIn slow motion I fell to the floorAnd you ran like the wind while I sangDon't leave me, DianeI don't understandWhy you run away from meI love you so endlesslyDon't leave me, DianeI'm sitting with Jack in his house all aloneJust waiting for you by the phoneHis head is on a table, but he ain't talking muchJust waiting with me by the phoneCome back to me now, DianeI will find you, DianeI've been waiting for hours and I do understand

That you're not coming back here, DianeBut I'll find you wherever you ranI'll kill you, DianeBelieve me, I canWherever you run from meI'll catch you so happilyI'll kill you, DianeYou must be insaneWhen you run away from meI'll catch you so easilyGod damn you, DianeI've done all that I canWhy can't you understandThat you're killing me(That you're killing me)I've been making a planSo you'll love me, DianeBut you're leaving me(Yeah, you're leaving me)I'll kill you, DianeBelieve me, I canWherever you run from meI'll catch you so happilyDon't leave me, Diane!

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