Текст песни Oceans Ate Alaska - Hansha

Incarcerated between these worlds Reality seems to loose its hold We hide away and try to fill the space between these thoughts Detached from everything that lives and breathes Emotions just words on a screen So fabricated is the life we lead So fabricated is the life we lead Side by side You’ll watch the whole world pass you by An affliction, this addiction Side by Side Out of sight, you’re out of mind So obsessed with imitation Stuck Living in this cycle of vanity Will self loathing even matter if they're calling your name Call my name When happiness is so dependant on shallow words Spoken from the mouths of introverts Measuring your own self worth Feeding your anxieties They’ll throw you to the wolves At the slightest hint of weakness Just don't let it defeat us Turn a blind eye Why should you give a fuck What they say I'll never give a Fuck what they say Your judgements preconceived of me Don't waste your life living a lie Worthless lie Incarcerated between these worlds Incarcerated between these worlds These worlds
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