Текст песни Olafur Arnalds - Old Skin

Where the woods would wear the wafting sounds of seaRoves an oath, in search for something more to be"Still hard for me".Treading lightly, tightly shedding its old skinLeaving trails of night for light to bring chagrinWhile air grows thinWailing winds, alarm, in feathers it have dressedsurrounding what's left inside its chestwe too shall rest

Roaring lungs as oath becomes tо flight past treesOnly the rhythm of love escapes the harmoniesLeaving us a beat.In these hands I'll hide, these hands I'll hideWhile this world collides, this world collidesIt's not enough for me, it's not enough for meIn these hands I'll hide, In these hands I'll hide.While this world collides, this world collides.It's not enough for me, It's not enough for me.
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