Текст песни Osmonds, the - Think

You speak of freedom as if it's just a word,Something you don't think of because you're so secure.Well, I wonder what would happen,Do you think you might complain,If one day you woke up and found yourself in chains?Would it make you think, think about life?Would it make you think,think of what's right?Would it make you think, make you think?Yeah, make you think.

Sorry can't touch you,you're too far out ahead.Got no need to worry about who's dying or who's dead.Take away your shelter, lay you naked on the groundWith no one to help you.Do you think you like being down?If some day you looked up, saw the burning sunShining down upon you and a voice said, "Tell me, son,Have you been a true good brother?Have you been a friend to all?"Would that kind of grab you, put your back against the wall?
Слова и текст песни Osmonds, the - Think принадлежит его авторам.

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